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New Mexico Antelope Hunts

We offer trophy antelope hunts in August and September in New Mexico. These are three-day hunts with 100% success. This hunt is during a great time of year when the days are warm and the nights are cool. On this hunt, you will see lots of antelope with a great chance at a record book animal. Price includes guiding, lodging, meals, and trophy care.

ANTELOPE $3,500 (3 DAYS)
Non-hunter guest $500


Mountain Lion Hunts

Our lion hunts are second to none.  We hunt lion from mid November to the end of April every year.  We offer two types of hunts. Snow and dry ground hunts. Snow Hunts are five days and run mid November till the end of February. These Hunts are conducted using trucks, four wheelers and snowmobiles in the middle of a nice Colorado winter. Then in March and April we offer seven day dry ground lion hunts off horseback, trucks or four wheelers. This is a true adventure and a hunter will always be in the heart of the dog action. There is nothing better than being on a good horse or mule and following the dogs as they trail a tough dirt track and eventually bring the monster lion to bay.  Every year we consistently produce many record book lion with a very high success rate.

Non-hunter guest $1,000

Utah Licenses have a 3 day waiting period, therefore need to be purchased in advance by calling 1-801-538-4700. All March and April hunters are required to purchase a Colorado Lion Tag as well as a Utah Lion Tag and Non-Resident Hunting License.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Mountain Lion Test

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Bobcat Hunts

Bobcats are a great add on to any lion hunt. We have an abundant population of bobcats and they are a blast to chase with the hounds. We can get multiple races per day if the hunter desires.  Season dates are December 1-February 28.

Bobcat Hunts $2,000



Sheep Hunts

We guide and arrange sheep hunts all over the world. We have taken sheep hunters in Mexico, Canada, Colorado and Wyoming. We currently guide for desert sheep in Mexico. This is a great hunt and hunts are conducted on the Baja, the mainland, as well as Tiburon. If your interested in a big desert ram, give us a call. Needle Rock Outfitters can also set you up on some of the best stone sheep and dall sheep hunts around. We work with a great group of guides in Canada for these hunts. If you are one of the lucky ones to pull a Colorado bighorn tag, or if you purchase a governor’s tag, give us a call as we can guide you to the ram of a lifetime.



Black Bear Hunts

This action packed adventure is a five-day hunt using a pack of well-trained bear dogs. We offer many different options for our bear hunts in order to ensure a great hunt with a great bear. Most of the bear killed are all color phased. These hunts are conducted on huge tracts of land in New Mexico and Montana. Each year we catch some monster bear that make awesome trophies. There is nothing like walking to a tree and standing under a big bear up in the tree, or sneaking in on a baying pack of hounds on a monster boar. This hunt is very exciting, action packed, and hard to beat. We can also conduct spot and stalk and bait hunts for hunters who do not wish to use hounds.



Colorado Elk

Our Elk hunting takes place on private ranches with good 5 and 6-point bulls taken each year. Archery and Muzzleloader hunts are during the Bugle season and is a very exciting hunt. Our rifle hunt is in early October and the elk are still bugling which makes for an excellent chance of taking a good bull.

Muzzleloader Elk and the early Rifle Elk hunts are by lottery drawing. So applications for these hunts need to be in by early April each year.


5 day Archery Hunt ......... $6000
5 day Muzzleloader Hunt ..... $6000

1st Week (Draw Only License) ............... $6000
2nd & 3rd Week Guaranteed Licenses ....$6000

3 day Hunts.....$2000
(Licenses by Drawing Only)

Colorado Mule Deer

The best Mule Deer hunting to be found anywhere in the world.
Every year we take bucks over 200 inches and average in the mid 180’s. All hunts are done on Private Ranches and are managed for trophy class deer. These are 5-day hunts and are by lottery draw only. So if you are interested in these hunts you need to get with us and we will help you with the application process.

Our Archery hunters enjoy a 100% chance at Pope & Young Deer, and Muzzleloader hunters take some of the best deer taken each year. We take out two 5-day Rifle Deer hunts each year and again enjoy a 100% harvest.

Archery hunts are done out of tree stands as well as Double Bull Blinds. Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts are primarily spot and stalk hunts.


(Licenses By Drawing Only)
5 day Management Hunts....…$3000
5 day Trophy Hunts...….$6000

Plus Trophy Fee As Follows:

170 - 179 ..... $1000
180 - 185 .....$1500
186 - 190 ..... $2000
191 - 195 ..... $3000
196 - 200 ..... $4000
201 - 205 ......$5000
206 - 209 ......$6000
210+ .............$10,000
(All Scoring Done by Gross Boone and Crockett Scoring)

Colorado Outfitter License: #2550 | New Mexico Outfitter License: #3613

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